Introducing the Amplify Starter Kit: Answering 5 Big Questions to Help Businesses Grow

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Why did you start your business? Was it a passion that gained some traction? Maybe your goal is to have an impact on your community, spend your time designing awesome products, or you want the freedom of being your own boss. Whatever your “why” may be, do you trust your plan to get there?

Growing to reach your goals is complicated, uncertain and chaotic. While business owners may feel clear on a long-term direction, we can simultaneously feel like we are standing at the edge of a chasm (think the Grand Canyon), staring across its vastness to our dream of what could be, without a clear plan to get to the other side.

Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools and

insights that help them bridge their chasm.

After a few years of building customized growth plans for dozens of companies, we have found these to be five of the most important questions business owners are struggling with:

  1. What is my breakeven # of orders each month to cover overhead?

  2. How many ad-driven orders does it take to cover my agency cost?

  3. How much money can my business make in the next year?

  4. When can I afford to ___________?

  5. What is the value of my business?

We understand not every company is ready to engage in a high touch and, frankly, higher cost way, but that doesn’t mean you’re not struggling with these core questions. The Amplify Starter Kit was designed with those business owners in mind. It is a first step toward building out a clear plan that helps ensure decisions are made with objective data.

The Starter Kit takes less of your time, costs less than half of one month of our normal engagement, and you’ll get your results faster. Our goal is to test out this new offering with five businesses over the coming weeks. If you’re interested in being one of them (or know someone who is), feel free to contact us here.